Armored Bits
Q. What is the core concept?
A. Armored Bits is a programmable online multiplayer robot battle simulator. Players program the logic to drive their mechs, including things like configuring it pre-match, communicating with teammates via player-defined protocols, and optimally finding, locking onto, and destroying their enemies.
Q. There aren't any screenshots or visuals on your site. What gives?
A. Armored Bits is first and foremost a programmable game. There's an immense amount of work to do with the network game server and SDK clients before we can seriously start focusing on slightly less important visual bling.
Q. Who is Uncanny Works?
A. We are a small two man independent game development team working from Osaka, Japan.
Q. What programming languages will I be able to program in?
A. Hopefully any language you possibly could! Our API communicates with protocol buffers over TCP, and we plan on creating and endorsing SDKs for every language people want to use.
Q. What is the actual server written in?
A. We are writing the realtime backend game server component in Haskell. Our services are being written in Elixir.
Q. What will the visual client be written in?
A. We will utilize Unity3d since we have a lot of prior experience with it.
Q. I've never programmed before. Will there be tutorials?
A. One of our primary goals is to help people new to programming learn everything they need to know in order to play our game. Not only do we plan on writing first class documentation, but we'd like to include as many tutorials and guides as possible for as many languages as we can.
Q. How will you stop people from cheating?
A. Player code will be executed inside CPU and memory constrained containers on our own server infrastructure. Outside world communication will be disabled. These containers (called Slugs) only allow communication with the core game server running the game instance itself.
Q. How many players in the same game?
A. Currently we plan on trying 5v5 battles to see how it goes. We could very easily increase or decrease this number over time.
Q. Which game modes will be available?
A. The first official game mode will be Team Deathmatch. Future versions will include Capture the Objective, Defend & Destroy, Deathmatch, Arena, Duels, and whatever else we dream of.
Q. What kind of ranked play system will be in place?
A. Assuming we attract a large enough player base, we'd really like to put an ELO-like ranking system in place for people interested in doing ranked competitive play. Players would then compete for places in standard ladder style leagues, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.
Q. Will there be clans/teams?
A. We would definitely like to allow players to create their own teams.
Q. What does the game client let me do?
A. Initially the client will strictly be a game viewer so players can watch their matches in realtime. We would also like to add a robot customization tester, a local game simulator for sandbox testing, and community features such as chat and forums.